Does The Emotion Code Really Work?

I know most of you that are reading this post already has a testimony of the emotion code working. This post is for you or your friends that need more of an explanation as to the validity of The Emotion Code.

There are different types of emotion code and energy healing skeptics. There are those that will not believe any type of energy work no matter what the results are or no matter how clearly you explain the work. Then, there are those that are skeptics because they have not seen the work produce positive results that are directly attributed to the energy work performed. They may not have had it explained clearly enough to understand and allow them to form a positive opinion regarding energy work? The latter skeptic is the one that I am addressing in this article. If you or someone you know truly would like to believe and have just not seen the results you were hoping for, please read on.

The skeptics have many thoughts on why Energy Healing and in this case The Emotion Code does not work. I have heard people say,

“You just made it general enough to agree with whatever the client says”.

“You missed the age of when this event occurred. So, The Emotion Code is not accurate, therefore it does not work”.

“One practitioner told me that I didn’t have a heart wall whereas another practitioner said I did have a heart wall. Now I am wondering if it is an inaccurate form of testing”.

“The Emotion Code uses muscle testing which is inaccurate, therefore the work is inaccurate and a hoax”.

“The pain was removed temporarily, then the pain came back. I don’t believe it really helped me at all”.

These comments were made by people I know and I feel terrible that they missed out on the healing power of The Emotion Code. These are some of the issues skeptics raise when they are questioning the validity of the work. We all can appreciate the questions because we know it is healthy to question whether it works or not. However, there isn’t a medicinal solution that is exact and provides perfect results in every case.

What I believe is that the skeptic should give whatever the work is an honest chance to resolve their issues. You should ask these questions, but should not quit the work too early. Enough time should be given for results to occur. In my opinion, a reasonable time would be anywhere between 5 to 10 sessions depending on the issues you are trying to resolve and if you are removing the heart wall or not. You may not notice the change until after the first month if it is a relationship or blocks to success issue. Pain issues are more noticeable and are resolved much sooner.

At this point in time after performing hundreds of sessions, I have had the luxury of recalling many experiences such as the following that remind me that there is no other way to explain the results except to give credit to The Emotion Code and that it was in fact the reason for correcting these imbalances and issues. Here is a list of 13 examples of when the emotion code produced positive results:

1. Two trapped emotions released and a lifetime of headaches stopped that very day.

2. An argument stopped right in its tracks as the trapped emotions were released.

3. After a fierce argument, the father lost his voice. The father’s voice returned when the last trapped emotion was released.

4. Back pain relieved immediately when the last trapped emotion was removed.

5. Hip pain relieved immediately when the last trapped emotion was removed.

6. High school friend passed away and I trapped the emotion of being “shocked”. At the moment, I was not mentally focusing on which emotion was the emotion I personally trapped. it was obvious, when it pointed me there.

7. Even though this lady was trying to have men find interest in her, she had not had any interest from men for months. When we completed a session, she had 2 men interested in her the following day.

8. A man had the “Will to Die” and amazingly when the session ended his entire appearance changed and never spoke of wanting to die again.

9. An obnoxious teenager became pleasant to be around after the session was completed.

10. Hives disappeared after the session was completed.

11. Fear of public speaking disappeared after 3 sessions completed.

12. Chronic pain in the heel and sciatic nerve pain both disappeared immediately.

13. Financial success occurred after sessions of releases.

I know the true skeptic needs to witness these events themselves and still may not believe them when the issues are successfully removed. I invite the skeptic to see for themselves by contacting any Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

If I didn’t witness these events myself, I might have been skeptical also. The truth is that I did witness these events take place with my own eyes and cannot deny that I did see people recover from issues that had plagued them for many years. Yes, the results are not always dramatic and sometimes we don’t get to see the correction of our clients issues at all for whatever reason. Although the results are not always completely successful, I personally believe the client is always better off having released trapped emotions that have existed in their bodies. It allows the client to at least, by the process of elimination, move to the next possibility of healing. They will now have the knowledge that the emotions won’t be the issue, since they have all been released regarding the issue they are trying to correct.

This is my conclusion. The Emotion Code is unintrusive. It doesn’t rely on an outside source to figure out what your issue is. We ask directly what the issue is and the body responds immediately. There is no risk and it is worth a shot at fixing your issue because it just might work. If it doesn’t, there was no surgery or medicine involved that your body will now have to overcome. It is completely unintrusive.

I wish you the very best and if you have not given The Emotion Code a chance, it is time.

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