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I am your partner in helping you to overcome whatever issues you may be experiencing right now. Trapped emotions are probably causing you much pain whether emotional or physical because we have seen it with many clients. On the right side we have a list of just some of the issues that our clients have experienced.

Remember, it is always sunny above the clouds. There is always hope. :-)

Michael Gross

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One Response to FREE Emotion Code Session

  1. Margaret K. Wahl says:

    Dear Michael,
    All I can say is thank you very much indeed. The pain in my neck is literally gone. I always wear a scarf around my neck during the day even when the temperature is at boiling point because the slightest breeze triggers excrutiating pain in my neck. At night, I have to have a woolen scarf around it before I go to sleep and a woolen hat on my head, otherwise I am in big trouble. Morning are usually the worst. I have to give my head and neck thirty minutes’ workout just to be able to function during the day. Last night was the first night I slept without a scarf and this morning, I did not need to workout at all. I was able to throw my head back without a problem and I have not worn a scarf around my neck at all. I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to just function without all that pain. I have to tell you one thing though, my whole body is nothing but a bundle of pain. I would really like to continue with you until every trapped emotion is out of my system. These trapped emotions are standing in my way of development. I cannot see “The Wood For The Trees” so to speak because of all the trapped emotions. Self expression is none existant because of it. Please help me so that down the road I will be able to help other people who are in the same predicament….Let us talk about finances next. The moment I left you, I went over to the Tucson weekend festival just around the corner. Whilst walking down the street full of vendors, I saw a building written on “Justice Court”. I went straight there and asked them if I could have some info on Court interpreting. From there I was introduced to a lady who deals with Court Interpreters and I explained to her that I have been interpreting in court in New York State. Straight away she gave me her e-mail and asked me to forward my resume and start straight away if possible. It was as easy as a pie. I actually discovered an awful lot of money opportunities just after we parted. All I can say is Wao! this is wonderful. We must do heart wall next and as I said I need to pay for your services until I am free of all the trapped emotions, and then I will be able to tell Denis Richard all about it when I get on the call. That is the best way to spread the word. When we do the hear wall, I would like to includ my head, and my shoulders right down to my hands and finger-tips. Thanks very much and I hope to read from you soon…Margaret Wahl

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