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I am your partner in helping you to overcome whatever issues you may be experiencing right now. Trapped emotions are probably causing you much pain whether emotional or physical because we have seen it with many clients. On the right side we have a list of just some of the issues that our clients have experienced.

Remember, it is always sunny above the clouds. There is always hope. :-)

Michael Gross

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I Love The Emotion Code

By now, I hope you have had some wonderful experiences in using The Emotion Code. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not blessed with using it either for myself or others that need help.

I had a client that had daily pain in his hips, so I had worked out a special offer for him to do a short mini session each day to provide him some pain relief. He has reported that at the specific time each day that he goes from a pain level of 7 to 2.

I have had a client recently that was having trouble feeling balanced. So, we worked out a special offer to help her when ever she needed to feel balanced again. Whenever she had that feeling she asked for a session and each time we performed her session, her imbalanced world became balanced again.

My father has been dizzy a lot lately. So I performed a session on him yesterday. He reported to me within 15 minutes that his dizzyness did go away.

I truly do love The Emotion Code and hope you do too. If not, please let me know how I can help you understand or assist you in overcoming the issues you are having.

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End Your Summer With Help From The Emotion Code

Well, we are almost through the summer. I hope you have had a great one. If you have had challenges that you believe the Emotion Code could help you with, please sign up for your free session with me. If you have already had your free session, send me an email. Let’s talk about your issues and how I may be able to help you.


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Using The Emotion Code On Negative Relationships Could Save Your Life

We have known all along that asking the right question is very important in solving any of the issues you might be having while using the emotion code to assist you in your releasing of trapped emotions. We might ask 2 or 3 different types of questions to remove all of the trapped emotions that are contributing to your back ache or your relationship issues.

However, what about releasing trapped emotions from those that you are associated with. We have found that sometimes with larger issues, just releasing your own trapped emotions or imbalances isn’t enough. I know it is not always practical to release imbalances from those that are affecting you directly. However, if you have their approval, it can make a very big difference in healing or not healing.

I had a client recently that has life threatening health issues. We released over 400 trapped emotions and many imbalances with no real improvement. His attitude was one of the major issues we realized. He was grumpy and not very talkative. We would ask him where he is hurting and he would say nothing or “I don’t know”. Along with that, we realized that he was associating with a very negative person almost every day. So, we asked his friend if we could release trapped emotions from him also. After we got his permission, we went to work and after releasing his heart wall and 100 trapped emotions we noticed a change beginning to occur in my client. His attitude is very good now and he is smiling more than we have ever seen. The major change is his health issues are now beginning to improve after months of no progress.

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Removing Trapped Emotions Allowed Me To Eat Again

Here is an example of how emotions can affect you from just eating. I have had this issue of my food not traveling down my esophagus very easily. I finally resolved most of the issue by removing over 300 trapped emotions. When I did, my food had gone down quite smoothly until a very negative person joined me for lunch. I noticed I started to tense up and feel very uncomfortable while we were eating. Then it happened, my food was not going down. I rushed to the bathroom and tried to relax myself. At the time for some reason I wasn’t thinking of releasing trapped emotions. Once I released the trapped emotions that were preventing my food from going down, I was able to eat again. This example again, shows us how trapped emotions can affect us in many ways.

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Your Emotion Code Practitioner Protects You From Trapping Other’s Emotions?

If you are a member of my mailing list, I have done the work which allows you to be protected from someone else’s emotion being trapped in your body.

All you have to do each morning is to say “Shields Up”. I imagine a steel door being sealed all around my entire being. It sounds sort of odd, but it does help with trapping an emotion from someone that is close to you or projecting around you.

For instance, if someone comes into your space and is in a very negative state of being. Their emotion will not be trapped in your body when you have your shields up. They may cause you to trap your own emotion, but their emotion will not be trapped in your body.

So, that takes care of the possibility of someone else’s emotion being trapped in you. What about you trapping your own emotion because of some event during the day stirred a certain emotion in you? What prevents you from trapping that emotion?

Dr. Nelson has recommended that we use a very simple phrase, here it is “That is curious”. I have used this when I would have normally been angry at someone or have had an emotion begin stirring inside. Actually it happened to me recently and “angry” was not the word I would have used. More like “furious”, however, I remembered what Dr. Nelson said and I said to myself, “hmmm? That is a curious way to act.” For some reason by saying that, it neutralized my emotion and I actually almost laughed.

You might find another phrase. The trick is to get your mind thinking about the situation in another way immediately. By doing so, you will not trap that emotion. I believe that if you find the correct mechanism, your trapping of emotions will be minimized.

I know that both of these solutions may seem silly. However, I have actually witnessed the power to which both of them bring. Truth is, what do you have to lose by trying them? You have a lot to gain if they actually work for you.

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I am humbled because of you

I was sitting in my living room this morning just thanking our creator for all of the people that have come into my life and have helped them on their way. Thank you to all of you that have allowed me to experience the small miracles of helping you. I feel blessed with these moments of joy to feel the gratitude coming from you. It is humbling to know that someone’s life is better because I assisted.

Thank you!

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Teleconference Featured Dr Bradley Nelson and Michael Gross

I want to thank Dennis Richard for allowing Dr. Nelson and I to educate his audience about the power of the Emotion Code. The teleconference was held on September 27th and it was great to have the opportunity to actually release trapped emotions and part of the heart wall for some of the participants.

Please visit this link to support Dennis Richard:

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Definition Of Each Emotion On The Emotion Code Chart

Dr. Nelson has put together a list of all of the definitions of each emotion that are displayed on the emotion code chart. I thought it would be helpful to share this information with you so that you might have a better understanding of what the emotions are defined as.

Click here for the free download.

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Something Funny :-)

You know how I tell you in our introductory session about the 3 ways we tend to process trapped emotions, such as feeling a minor headache, crying, or feeling lethargic. Well, I just added another one to that list. Laughing is the 4th one. A wonderful lady and her mother came to me recently needing the heart wall removed because she had a very difficult childhood, to put it mildly. One of her issues was crying often. She has had this issue for many years, so when they heard about the emotion code they eventually found me. I gave them the normal talk on processing emotions, then we started releasing. The first day she became emotional while releasing trapped emotions. However, the 2nd day while I was releasing trapped emotions, she started to giggle and could not control it when all 3 of us were laughing. That had to be one of most funny enjoyable sessions I have ever had. Thank you Denise :-)

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